How would it be to get a bat’s eye view of the world? May be we should hang upside down to check it out for ourselves? Well, not really – at least not in my case – because I had got most things upside down anyway. From Sunday to Sabbath, from church to workplace, I’d got them all upside down. Here’s a few of them.

1. Sabbath-keeping:

I was a zealous Sabbath-keeper – which means, I could easily switch on the Sabbath modeevery Friday evening and switch it off the next evening. Our whole family would be upset if things were not ready before sunset.There was tension every Friday evening – and Sabbath was supposed to be a delight! I didn’t realize that Sabbath was fast becoming a burden instead of being a blessing. At college, once I even told a lie to get a Sabbath off. (Some even pay bribes to keep certain events away from falling on the Sabbath.) Upside down! Is this what God wants? Keeping the Sabbath is good but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the other nine commandments or the other things God wants us to do.

2. Lifestyle:

I don’t know how this thought got into my head that I must ‘set an example’ to others. So I started to follow all health principles and became a vegan. It didn’t last long though. Why? I’d got it upside down. It was not God making the changes because I accepted Him, but it was I who was making changes so He would accept me.God is calling us to go to Him just as we are so He can change us the way He wants us to be. God wants us to ‘be’ and not ‘do’ or ‘show’.

3. Witnessing:

When people asked me about my faith, I told them about the Sabbath, the prophecies, the Sunday law, the Second Coming – but I never shared with them Jesus. You see you can only share what you have and obviously I didn’t have Jesus. Some of us witness out of a sense of obligation and some of us for earning some stars on our crowns. Upside down! What is witnessing then? According to Morris Venden, “If something has happened to me in relationship with my Lord, I can’t keep silent – this spontaneous desire to tell others is true biblical witnessing.” Just as the woman at the well did.

4. Studying the Word:

I diligently studied the scriptures especially the doctrines and prophecies sans Christ. I got to know about the dragon, the beast, the little horn, but who I didn’t know, was the most important of all – Jesus. Inside out – again! Of what use is the knowledge of the antichrist when you don’t know Christ and of what use is the understanding of the Sunday law when the Sabbath is grossly misunderstood and neglected? If you can’t find Jesus in the prophecies, then it’s not worth studying. May be you’ve been doing the same – doing the right thing with the wrong motives and got yourself upside down. So how do you get yourself right-side up? If you try it on your own you might get into a tangle again. So the safest option is to ask God to fix it – to change your motives, your priorities, and to change you – from the inside out.


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